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"Homerez is a great portal and very serious. My account manager is unbeatable, friendly and very willing to help me with anything. Thanks to this service, I get a lot more bookings than when I was working with local agencies."

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Maria Antonia
Owner of a villa in Ibiza
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"What I like most about Homerez is that they are very reliable and keep me informed at all times by email or message... Excellent service!"

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Owner of a house in Spain
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"I started renting with Homerez directly. This service gives me a certain security in my bookings but I especially appreciate the professionalism of the team. My consultant is always available and friendly. A gem every time!"

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Owner of a villa in the South of France
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"My first experience in vacation rentals was with Homerez. My advert has a lot of visibility and my account manager is always attentive. I would definitely recommend this company to my friends and family who want to rent more."

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Owner of a house in Morocco
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"I appreciate the management of my bookings thanks to the multi-site distribution, the follow-up of offers and the reminders. The people I am in contact with are always very efficient."

owner irland
Owner in Ireland
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"I appreciate the convenience and time saving of this service. Overall, it is a very good and professional management solution."

owner house arcachon
Owner of a house in Arcachon
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"Homerez has brought me a lot of happiness... and rentals. Whereas in previous years I only had one or two with other partners, this year I am very happy. I've already told my friends and family, 'This is a serious rental site that works well'."

owner house ardeche
Owner of a house in Ardèche
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"The Homerez app allows me to quickly schedule my rental schedule. The help of my account manager is invaluable, she is very efficient."

owner villas morocco
Owner of several villas in Morocco
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"This year I started the experience with Homerez and it has been positive. Thanks to them, I have received very recommendable clients and my account manager is always very attentive to my questions and possible complaints. A great professional."

owner villa majorca
Owner of a villa in Majorca
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